PRO EYE MAKEUP TIPS 💄 Tati Westbrook Approved

Watch & learn how to get a Tati approved, flawless eye makeup application 🙂 Tati recently uploaded a video, teaching us all of her tips & tricks on how to get the perfect eye makeup look. I took her advice & created this look – what do you guys think?! Do I look like aContinue reading “PRO EYE MAKEUP TIPS 💄 Tati Westbrook Approved”


Hey Finders!  We’re going back to the basics!! I’m showing you my super easy 3-step-eyeshadow trick to blending any & all shadow looks, no matter how much or how little time you have to do it. What are a few of your shadow-blending tricks?? I hope you enjoy this quick, easy & helpful video! 💫 Please SUBSCRIBE!Continue reading “EASY 3-STEP EYESHADOW TRICK”