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2021 Makeup Trends

Feel Beautiful & Save Time! 2021 Makeup Trends

I’ve never been one to follow ‘beauty trends’. I always say that what might work for someone else, might not necessarily work for you. We all have different features, different face structures, which consequently are complimented by different makeup techniques. So when I saw this years trends pop up all over the spring runways, social media… let’s just say I was overly delighted.

This year is all about letting our inner & outer beauty shine. Natural faces with minimal contour, bold lips against a bare face, smokey undone bedroom eyes – everything screams ‘self-acceptance’, as we embrace our face with the use of minimal coverage products. It’s all about picking one focal point of your face, making it POP & then letting the rest of your face support it, with minimal makeup effort.

Trend #1: Bedroom Eyes – My favorite trend of all. This undone look is extremely sexy and intimate. Kind of like you just rolled out of bed, forgetting to take your makeup off the night before. The messier the better. The best way to achieve this look is to outline your entire eye with a black kohl eyeliner, then smoke it out with a pencil brush. Voila!

Trend #2: Simple Cateye – A wing against bare skin screams polished yet simple. It doesn’t need to be a huge wing. In fact, the simpler the better. This year is all about sitting down & getting it done! I love the Wet N Wild Mega Liners.

Trend #3: Bushy Boy Brow – I love the undone brow look. It looks like you haven’t plucked your brows in months. It’s sexy, intimate, effortless. If you have dark bushy brows then a simple clear brow gel is all you need. Need a little fill in? Use a tinted brow gel.

Trend #4: Bold Eyeshadow – The quickest way to make a statement. Swipe on a liquid shadow, throw on some mascara and get your booty out the door!

Trend #5: Natural Face Makeup – Let your skin shine! High coverage foundation with heavy contour is not it. We’re being kinder to ourselves this year and letting our skin breathe (as well as ourselves – one deep breathe at a time).

Trend #6: Bronzed Skin – What’s happier than the warm summer sun? Nothing. We haven’t seen the sun in months. We’ve been cooped up inside for months. So I think it’s fitting that bronzer is all the rage this year. Like many of the other trends, we are looking to the past in hopes to envision a brighter, sunnier, future.

Trend #7: The Parisian Face – Simple, elegant, quick. An undone red lip is day time appropriate and makes everyone feel badass.

Trend #8: Bold Lipstick Shades – The quickest way to make a statement it to throw on a bright pink lip and go. Invest in some good liquid lipsticks this year, like the Fenty Lip Stunna paints (I’m dying to get this color), they’re mask proof and the shades are stunning.

Trend #9: Lip Stains – Again, sexy undone look. They give the illusion that your lips are naturally tinted raspberry red. Super kissable and budge-proof.

What do you think about these trends? Please comment down below letting me know if you plan to try any. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo, Fortune