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8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick

Get the Most Out of Your Lipstick! 8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick

There are so many ways to change the look of one lipstick… and yet, while I know this, I still can’t seem to stop buying a new lipstick every now and then (my collection is currently at 40-something…). But for those of you who aren’t interested in housing an excess of lipsticks or feel like spending the money – here’s 8 different ways to wear 1 lipstick.

#1. The Traditional Way: Choose a lip liner that either matches the shade of your lips or the lipstick shade. Line your lips and apply the lipstick. This will leave you with the truest shade of your lipstick.

#2: Highlight the Center w/ a Lighter Lipstick + Gloss: Apply a lighter lipstick to the center of your upper & lower lip. This will brighten the center, giving your lips the illusion that they are fuller. Take that fullness up a notch by applying a clear gloss right over that lighter shade lipstick.

#3 Nude Lip Liner + Apply Lipstick w/ Finger: Apply that same nude lip liner & apply your lipstick using your finger. This will provide the lipstick with a little less pigment, making the overall shade a little more muted.

#4 Blend Out the Lip Line: Use a fluffy brush to blend out the lip line. It will make your lips look more natural and less structured by diffusing the lip line, creating a ‘lip stain’ effect.

#5 Use a Darker Shade Lip Liner: A darker lip liner brings more contrast, making your lips look larger and inevitably making the overall shade a bit moodier/darker.

#6 Contour w/ Lip Liner: Contouring your lips creates the illusion that you have poutier lips (how to video coming soon!). Just be sure to pat the lipstick on with your fingers so that you don’t cancel out the lines you’ve created.

#7 Apply a Pink Gloss Overtop : A light pink gloss instantly gives that plumper-lip look. I like to focus this on the center of my lips and along the Cupid’s bow. This attracts light and makes the lips so freaking juicy.

#8 Colored Gloss Changes the Color of Any Lipstick: Apply any shade lipgloss up top to change the overall look of any lipstick; shimmer, brown, peach, anything!

I really hope this was helpful! Please comment down below, letting me know if you plan to try any of these application techniques and tips. I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo, Fortune