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Hey Guys! Today I’m teaching you how to color correct using a $6 palette from J.Cat Beauty! Do you have dark circles, rosacea, or other forms of skin discoloration? If so, you’re in luck because I’m teaching you guys my step by step process of how to better cover up these issues – it’s quick, easy, affordable & game changing!

This palette comes with 4 colors, used to correct 4 different types of skin discolorations. Here’s the breakdown:

Orange: covers dark hues like under-eye circles

Green: covers red shades like rosacea and broken blood vessels underneath the skin

Lilac: corrects dull areas & cancels out yellow tones, making skin brighter

Yellow: similar to lilac, it helps brighten skin and even out skin tone

Not sure where to place these shades or how to apply? For quick techniques on how to make the most out of color correcting, watch below!