May Favorites

May Favorites – 5 products

I’m listing the 5 products I have been absolutely loving the past month. For the full rundown, watch my video below or scroll down to simply read all about them â¤

Products Featured:

  1. Mario Badescu – Collagen Mask $18

How to apply: Thin layer of mask. Leave on for 20 mins and rinse off w/ warm water. For best results, I personally use this 2x a week.

For all skin types – helps lift all skin types. Brightens complexion & is enriched with collagen to plump & smooth skin, delivers hydration & reduces the look of fine lines. Firmer, smoother, skin.

Pores around my nose are visibly smaller. Fine lines on my head are minimized. Helps even out my skin tone & leaves my skin clean & smooth.

  1. Wet N Wild “Fly Gal” gloss $3.99

Vitamin E to improve lip texture and Murumuru Seed Butter which is ultra-hydrating. Cruelty free, gluten free, fragrance free, paraben free.

Perfect nude gloss & very hydrating. Lasts 3 hours w/o having to reapply.

Great doe-foot applicator! Perfect density & flexibility to line lips.

  1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer $21

How to apply: I apply this after cleansing & toning. I use this morning and/or night.

Ingredients: Squalane – highly refined botanical lipid derived from olives. Helps keep soft, supple & moisturized. Glycerin – helps retain moisture & soften skin.

It’s a little thick & heavy on the skin but it does absorb into skin after a while (15-20mins). It’s great for me because I have medium to dry skin. I typically use this mostly in the winter because it is so heavy but one use of this and my dry skin is fixed!

  1. Too Faced Cat Eyes Eye Shadow $36

Discontinued but can be found on Amazon & Poshmark.

Living for these colors, especially the lilac. I’ve been loving the “Pussy Cat” shadow on my inner corner. It makes my brown eyes pop!

Perfect travel size and has all the colors you could need for any occasion – Work, play, date night! I keep this in my pocketbook at all times.

  1. Voluspa “Laguna” Home & Body Mist $19

Notes: Velvet Sand and Azure Seas.

I personally don’t use this on my body. I spray this in my home – one to two spritz per room and my apartment smells amazing.

I’ll let the hot water in my shower run to create steam, then spray before entering the shower. It makes for a seriously relaxing shower experience!


Tarte Cosmetics – First Impressions

If you know me, you know I’ve never been a die-hard fan of Tarte Cosmetics. I love certain products (listed in video) but I can’t say Tarte has ever been a brand I’ve had faith in when purchasing new products…

For that reason – I thought I would give the brand a shot at redemption by purchasing & reviewing some products I’ve never used or worn before.


Tarte Products Featured:

1. Clay Stick Foundation, shade: light-medium neutral $25

Light-medium coverage (leaning more towards light)

Not very buildable. Applied two coats yet didn’t cover my imperfections well

I would not recommend this or personally repurchase

2. Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush Aquacealer $34

It seemed to make the foundation sheerer – absorbing some of the foundation from my face

I would use a different foundation brush or a damp beauty blender instead

3. Aquacealer Concealer, shade: light-neutral $26

Dried out on the inner corners where highlight shade was applied

Doesn’t cover my dark circles & I do not have dramatic circles

Overall light coverage – Shape Tape is better IMO!

4. Tarteist Metallic Shadow, shade: Hussy $10

Such a bright color & very pigmented

The formula is hydrating & feels very nice on the lid

For a powerful affect, apply with a damp flat-shadow brush

5. Cheek Stain, shade: Tipsy $30

Looks like a highlighter when swatched but applies like a subtle shadow on face

Perfect for the summer – would pair well with a light-makeup look for summer

Very youthful & definitely brightens the face

6. Lip Architect, shade: Muse $24

Cutest packaging!

Very pretty peachy-nude shade

Super convenient – can grab & go without having to figure out which liner matches which lipstick & takes up less space in your bag!

It is a hydrating lipstick & lasted for about two hours before I needed to reapply

7. Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush, shade: Feisty $29

Beautiful color with powerful pigment! You do not need a lot of product

Blends beautifully – is not chalky or streaky. No shine


Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette

First thing’s first; I love the packaging. It screams summer & lemonade & anything happy, bright & light. Please note: I tested this palette out twice before this review/filming of my YouTube video. You can purchase your own palette, here.

I started off my Lemonade journey by swatching each color on my bare arm. Hardly any color appeared so I primed my arm with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. I’ve included a Maybelline campaign photo (source: Amazon) and my photo (sorry it’s awful LOL) for reference, below:

Lemonade Craze_ BustleCapture

The shadows appeared after application, however, I could tell each varied in formula as some swatched chalkier/lighter/less pigmented than others. This may sound bad off the bat but I’ve found a lot of palettes have different consistencies in their shadows & not all of the colors were chalky so I was confident I could find a way to make this palette work! Plus, a swatch is usually helpful in identifying quality but is not always accurate as shadows may apply better on the eye with the use of a brush.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Colors are fun! This is a beautiful palette for anyone looking to test out the colorful waters.
  • Shadows are buildable & blendable as long as you have patience & are willing to put in the work!
  • There was minimum to no fallout on my face after shadow application
  • There is a good balance of matte and shimmer shades – perfect in achieving multiple looks!
  • Shadow pans are a nice size – perfect for any size brush/finger/etc.
  • Shadows lasted 10 hours and did not fade or crease! (be sure to set w/ setting spray)


  • Shadows are chalky and dry – left my eyelids feeling tight HOWEVER this could be useful for people who have oily eyelids
  • Shadows can blend into almost nothing if not enough product is used/blended too hard
  • Significant fallout in the pan – could cause you to go through shades faster
  • You get 12 shadows for only $13.99! 


  • If you have dryer skin make sure to moisturize your eyes before any application
  • Be sure to prime your eyes! Use an eyeshadow primer – concealer works but not as well IMO! This will help bring out the pigmentation of each shadow
  • Craving more pigment? Apply shadows with a damp shadow brush

Overall: I don’t absolutely love this palette but I’m excited to see a new, fun palette available in the drugstore! I will totally use this palette until there is nothing left of it, however, it is not a low-maintenance palette by any means – you need to put in work to blend out each shadow so that your completed look is not chalky or dusty. The colors are so fun & in the end, I really love the look I created.

Do you own this palette or plan on buying it? Let me know in the comment section below ❤


Wet N Wild – Flights of Fancy (review/first impressions)

I am so excited to be reviewing this collection! I did not try any of the products prior to filming (except the ‘Fly Gal’ gloss) so be sure to watch the video below to see my unfiltered reactions!!

Wet N Wild will be donating a portion of proceeds to the Los Angeles Audubon Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting birds & their habitats (Go Wet N Wild!). I have a few of the limited edition products (thanks Aunt Debbie!), which I will note below* but do not have the entire collection – however – I did go to Walgreens to purchase some Wet N Wild products to feature in this video.

Now let’s dive into these products, shall we?! The new limited edition summer collection can be found, here:


Products Featured:

  1. Perfect Pout Lip Scrub in ‘Citrus Elixir’ $3.99*

Smells delicious – like fruity sugar

It claims to be made with extra fine sugar but it is super grainy & sugar is large

Contains murumuru seed butter – keeps lips hydrated!

Overall: It’s a steal if you need a lip scrub but I wouldn’t purchase if you already own one!

  1. Photo Focus Foundation in Golden Beige $5.99

Paint-like smell which you cannot hide from

Formula was tested under 7 light conditions to create this flawless camera-ready finish. I did check my skin in various lighting & it looked pretty good!

The foundation held throughout the day (which I documented in my Instagram stories @fortunetarantola)

No flashback!!


  1. Color Icon Bronzer in Bikini Contest $3.99

Love the size of the pan! It’s so big which is something I always look for in a bronzer since bronzing brushes tend to be larger in size

The color is extremely blendable & not too shiny/sparkly

Overall: I would recommend this. A lot of quality product for so cheap!

  1. Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in “Stop Ruffling My Feathers” $2.99*

It can be intimidating since it contains 3 shimmer shades & only 1 matte but they blend beautifully – just be sure to prime your eyelids before shadow application

The eyelid shade is very shiny & does not require a wet brush to achieve maximum sparkle!

Perfect for an everyday look – does not fade or crease

No fallout on the face or in the pan

Vibrant & will look great on women with brown eyes! Purple does wonders 🙂

Overall: I would recommend this for anyone – people of all ages! I am blown away by how beautiful the colors are, especially at this price point!

  1. Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray $4.99

Spray dispenses in a perfect mist – not too hard so it won’t ruin makeup

Dries very fast! Which is great

Smells like chemicals which I do not like – claims to have aloe vera but one would never guess with such a potent chemical smell

Overall: I wouldn’t recommend this. I love a setting spray that smells nice/has skincare benefits. Price point is great but you can buy Mario Badescu for a few dollars more

  1. MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in “Blossom Glow” and “Precious Metals” $4.99

Beautiful highlighters! They are super creamy & blend wonderfully on the skin

Pigment is bright but can be made even brighter with a little spritz of setting spray prior to application

Overall: I love these & am ordering every single color.

  1. Color Icon Lip Gloss in “Shut the Pluck Up” and “Fly Gal” $3.99 *

AMAZING – Fly Gal is the perfect nude gloss and Shut the Pluck Up (worn in video) appears to be a dark purple but actually has a beautiful sheer finish when applied to lips

Last a few hours & leave a stain-like finish once faded

Applicator is great to line lips with, as it is sturdy yet flexible enough to follow the natural contours of your lips

Formula contains vitamin E to keep lips hydrated & looking young

Overall: If there is one product you should but, it’s this one!! They are stunning, cheap & great for every day wear

Skincare Series: Morning Routine

If you follow along my YouTube channel, you know I am working on a series of skincare videos where I talk through my trustee products & how I use them. I decided to streamline my blog & YouTube channel, helping you have all the info you need in any format you desire.

I live for review videos & often find myself walking around Ulta, Sephora, Target, etc with my headphones in (if I have them) watching review videos, fast forwarding & rewinding to find that exact product Tati or Nikki or James Charles mentioned in whatever shade they use – often times getting frustrated or at the very least, some stares.

From now on, I will be featuring all the information used for my videos, here on My Fortune Finds! I hope this helps 🙂 SCROLL TO WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEO ❤



Skincare Series: Morning Routine


Morning Routine Summary: Your morning routine should consist of multiple layers of protection; against the sun, free radicals, anything that might cause harm or irritation to the skin.

Everyone has different skin care needs. What works for my skin may not work for your skin. I’m not saying this as a way of saying “don’t hate me if you don’t like these products” – I’m saying this to get you to take a step back and think about what YOUR skin needs.

For example, I have combo to try skin. I don’t breakout often but I have dry skin & fine lines. My top 3 morning skincare concerns are:

  1. Calming – I get red around my nose and mouth due to hormones but it can be made worse with harsh products. Solution: Chamomile & cucumber extract
  2. Sun Protection – this should be on EVERYONE’s list. So there you go, add SPF to your concerns.
  3. Free radicals are unstable and reactive molecules have an unpaired electron in the outer shell of an atom. This lonely electron damages the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. This causes damage to our skin’s DNA that can speed along skin aging; change in skin color, dark spots, wrinkles, sagging, broken blood vessels, etc.
  • Everyday air pollutants
  • Smog
  • UV rays
    • Up to 80% of free radical damage is caused by the sun (1). Always wear a broad spectrum SPF!
  • Lack of sleep and exercise
  • Stress
  • Alcohol / Tobacco

The answer to free radicals? ANTIOXIDANTS! They donate electrons to free radicals so that it does not have to come from the skin. Eat foods w/ vitamin A, C and E and use a serum packed with antioxidants.

  1. CleanserGrown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser $39

Very gentle, doesn’t strip skin of everything – great for sensitive skin. Chamomile

Must have for me. My skin gets patchy & extremely red if I wash my face more than 1x a day. Now I am able to wash my face morning & night – hallelujah 

  1. TonerGrown Alchemist Balancing Toner $34

To apply in the morning, I take a few drops and press them into the skin rather than using a cotton round, which can cause irritation and redness around the mouth and nose.

Rose, ginseng and chamomile, alcohol free – calming

Aloe vera to tone and sooth the skin and vitamin c to fight off free radicals

  1. SerumNARS Optimal Brightening Concentrate $74 / All skin types

Creates luminous skin while brightening your overall complexion. Vitamin C evens skin tone and prevents/repairs signs of aging. Noni fruit extracts boosts cellular energy helping skin to stay young. Also helps fade dark spots.

Oil free, alcohol free.

  1. MoisturizeNARS Luminous Moisture Cream $64 / Normal to dry skin types

24 hr hydration. Creates a luminous base

Bio-hyaluronic Acid helps reduce fine lines by hydrating softening and comforting the skin. Beed Bud Extract helps boost collagen production and potent anti-oxidants help combat free radical damage. Skin is youthful and radiant.

Oil free, alcohol free.

4A. Moisture / SPFNeutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 30 $13.49 / Combo-normal

I have repurchased this at least 4 times and have a bottle at home, at the office and at my boyfriend’s – that’s how much I love and need it!

Great for sensitive skin, does not clog pores like most SPF lotions. Helps brighten and evens skin tone while protecting against UV rays.

Contains Essential Soy – skin brightener to help reduce blotchiness and discoloration, minimizing the look of dark spots. Non-greasy, fast absorbing

  1. Eye CreamFresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream $41

30 hours of continuous moisture. It feels so cool and wonderful under the eyes. I like to leave this in the fridge to make it even cooler – plus the cold also helps to depuff the eyes.

I also apply this before my makeup. It helps insure my concealer does not cake or dry up near the inner corners.

Rosewater helps soothe

Golden root extract offers antioxidant protection – free radicals

Hyaluronic acid helps attract and maintain moisture to enhance suppleness

Cucumber extract helps to calm and cool the skin

  1. Primer – NARS Radiance Primer $36 w/ SPF 35

My new primer! Oil free, alcohol free, fragrance free.

Revives dull, fatigued skin. Has a pink hue which leaves skin radiant and absolutely beautiful.

Sunscreen beads release on contact to further help protect skin


Beauty Steal: Winged Liner

Ft. Wet N Wild MegaLiner $3

No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to master the art of the perfectly dramatic winged liner… My sister is notorious for her impeccable cat-eye so I asked her to test it out on me during our usual Friday night sleepover. I was super skeptical because she came at me with a Wet N Wild liquid liner! A drugstore liner?! How could she possibly rely on that to achieve the perfect wing??

Little did I know, she was about to school me on the capabilities of drugstore liners. That night has forever changed my thoughts on cheaper beauty products. I ended up looking like a mix between my sister & Cleopatra (hell f#$%ing yasss).

Needless to say I did some damage this past weekend at Walgreen’s & filmed a YouTube tutorial featuring all Wet N Wild products – stay tuned! It’ll be live this Thursday 🙂