Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow

Applying cream and/or liquid eyeshadow may seem intimidating but I think it’s easier to use than your typical powder shadow! Here are my tips to applying: Oily lids? Use an eyeshadow primer & then set it with some translucent setting powder. This will help grip onto the liquid eyeshadow, making it difficult for it toContinue reading “Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow”

Smooth Foundation Application Tips

Why does my foundation look patchy?? A question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves at least once. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons why your foundation won’t lay down smooth.. fortunately for you, I have the many reasons why & how to solve them… Rule #1: Always be gentle with your skin Rule #2: Only applyContinue reading “Smooth Foundation Application Tips”


Wet N Wild – Flights of Fancy (review/first impressions) I am so excited to be reviewing this collection! I did not try any of the products prior to filming (except the ‘Fly Gal’ gloss) so be sure to watch the video below to see my unfiltered reactions!! Wet N Wild will be donating a portionContinue reading “DRUGSTORE WET N WILD FLIGHTS OF FANCY SUMMER ’18 COLLECTION”