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Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow

How to Apply Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow | Fast Fix Friday

Applying cream and/or liquid eyeshadow may seem intimidating but I think it’s easier to use than your typical powder shadow!

Here are my tips to applying:

Oily lids? Use an eyeshadow primer & then set it with some translucent setting powder. This will help grip onto the liquid eyeshadow, making it difficult for it to move.

Use the same kind of eyeshadow shading or ‘mapping’ you’d use when applying powder eyeshadow: Transition shade that’s 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone, a darker shade for the outer corner to lift and accentuate the eyes & a lighter shade to brighten your inner corner and brow bone.

I typically use these three types of brush; a fluffy brush, a pencil brush and an angled brush. A typical crease/fluffy brush is the best at dispersing a liquid evenly across the lid and will give you a blown out affect (like blending out your crease with a powder). A pencil brush is great at pinpointing where you want a specific color and will keep it pretty tight (think the opposite of ‘blended’). An angled brush will do the same as the pencil brush but will keep the color even more compact, making this brush great to create a crisp line like a winged liner. I find synthetic brushes to work better than natural hair brushes. You can always use your fingers to blend as well!

Blend out the shades as soon as you apply them! Waiting too long will cause the liner to dry, making it impossible to blend or maneuver.

Product Links: Blending Brush / Pencil Brush / Angled Brush / Transition Shade / Liner Shade / Inner Corner Shade / Blue Gel Liner

That’s pretty much it babes!! It really is that easy. Please comment down below letting me know what you took away from this article and/or letting me know what makeup topic you’d like me to cover next!

xoxo, Fortune

Smooth Foundation Application Tips

Reasons Why Your Foundation Looks Weird! | Smooth Foundation Tips

Why does my foundation look patchy?? A question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves at least once. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons why your foundation won’t lay down smooth.. fortunately for you, I have the many reasons why & how to solve them…

Rule #1: Always be gentle with your skin

Rule #2: Only apply as much product as you need (don’t overdo skincare and makeup!)

Rule #3: Use all your cream products before using any powder products

Skincare Tips:

Exfoliate your skin 2-3x a week; this will remove dead skin cells & unclog pores, making the top layer of your skin smoother, helping your makeup lay down smoother! Have sensitive skin? Exfoliate the night before so your skin does not become irritated & red – we don’t want to have to apply more makeup to cover this up!

Apply an oil before bed, this will help to soften & smooth out that top layer of skin too. Be sure to cleanse your face before applying makeup; the less amount of product on your face the better. Sensitive skin friends; use a gentle gel cleanser.

Makeup Tips:

Use either a primer or a moisturizer, don’t use both – these are typically thicker products that will create too rich of a layer underneath your makeup. Prefer a primer? Make sure it is the right formula for your skin; oily skin = matte primer / dry skin = hydrating primer. Also, be sure not to apply too much skincare underneath your primer. I suggest trying no skincare or just a serum underneath. Prefer a moisturizer? Use this as your primer! Primer doesn’t need to be a product you buy at Sephora that specifically says ‘primer’. Your moisturizer will help plump your skin and give it the tackiness it needs to adhere and grip onto your makeup all day. Pick a moisturizer that is thin & unscented. Pat your primer or moisturizer into your skin; rubbing it aggressively will cause your skin to be agitated & can cause texture to surface, making your foundation textured too. Give your prime or moisturizer some time to sink into your skin, this will leave less product sitting on top of your skin.

Use a liquid foundation with medium to full-coverage. The thinner the formula, the better it will lay down on your skin. The more coverage a foundation has, the less likely you are to apply too much in order to achieve your desired coverage. Be sure to use a foundation that is right for your skin, again, oily = matte / dry = hydrating. Only apply foundation where you need it, don’t apply it where you are going to apply concealer too. Remember: the less layers of makeup, the better!

Apply foundation with a damp beauty sponge. Make sure the sponge is not wet. If wet, the water will separate your foundation, making it patchy. Make sure your sponge of choice is soft. A stiff sponge will not apply the foundation evenly and thinly to the skin. Bounce the foundation into your skin, never swipe! Is your foundation not applying well over dry patches or acne scars? Mix a little oil into your foundation and apply that mixture only overtop of those areas.

Use a thin concealer / avoid cream concealer. Only apply concealer where you need it and do not do the whole triangle-underneath-your-eye thing. That is far too much product! Don’t bring your undereye concealer down too far either, our cheeks/center of our face is usually the first place our foundation separates so the less product there, the better! Spot conceal blemishes with a concealer that matches your foundation, this way you are not applying more product where you don’t need it.

Apply setting spray before going in with any powder. If you apply foundation and concealer and everything looks great, a nice mist will help ensure that your face stays that way through the powdering process. Just make sure your setting spray has dried before powdering!! If your base looks weird at this point, then your skincare routine is lacking or you are picking a primer and/or foundation that does not agree with your skin type.

Only apply translucent powder where you need it. The thinner the layer of powder, the better IMO. Tap that into the skin using a fluffy brush. Once you’ve powdered the areas that need powdering, take whatever is left on your brush and pat that into the areas you plan to apply bronzer and blush. Sometimes our foundation is damp/tacky in some places, this will cause your pigmented powder products to stick more in those areas – leaving your foundation patchy or muddy looking.

Pat/stamp bronzer, blush, highlighter, etc. into the skin. You can blend out face powders by patting them into the skin. Swiping may move your foundation underneath and/or can cause irritation or texture on your skin.

Does highlighter ruin your base? Highlighter brings out texture. Only apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks and apply it by patting it into the skin with a fluffy brush. This will pack the highlighter in-between your texture, so nothing looks raised.

Set everything with a makeup setting spray! This will help the powders melt into the skin, making your overall base look more natural and skin-like.

There you have it! I hope this was helpful & would love to know if it was. Please comment down below letting me know what you took away from this makeup article & please come back in order to let me know what did the trick for you.

xoxo, Fortune


Wet N Wild – Flights of Fancy (review/first impressions)

I am so excited to be reviewing this collection! I did not try any of the products prior to filming (except the ‘Fly Gal’ gloss) so be sure to watch the video below to see my unfiltered reactions!!

Wet N Wild will be donating a portion of proceeds to the Los Angeles Audubon Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting birds & their habitats (Go Wet N Wild!). I have a few of the limited edition products (thanks Aunt Debbie!), which I will note below* but do not have the entire collection – however – I did go to Walgreens to purchase some Wet N Wild products to feature in this video.

Now let’s dive into these products, shall we?! The new limited edition summer collection can be found, here:


Products Featured:

  1. Perfect Pout Lip Scrub in ‘Citrus Elixir’ $3.99*

Smells delicious – like fruity sugar

It claims to be made with extra fine sugar but it is super grainy & sugar is large

Contains murumuru seed butter – keeps lips hydrated!

Overall: It’s a steal if you need a lip scrub but I wouldn’t purchase if you already own one!

  1. Photo Focus Foundation in Golden Beige $5.99

Paint-like smell which you cannot hide from

Formula was tested under 7 light conditions to create this flawless camera-ready finish. I did check my skin in various lighting & it looked pretty good!

The foundation held throughout the day (which I documented in my Instagram stories @fortunetarantola)

No flashback!!


  1. Color Icon Bronzer in Bikini Contest $3.99

Love the size of the pan! It’s so big which is something I always look for in a bronzer since bronzing brushes tend to be larger in size

The color is extremely blendable & not too shiny/sparkly

Overall: I would recommend this. A lot of quality product for so cheap!

  1. Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in “Stop Ruffling My Feathers” $2.99*

It can be intimidating since it contains 3 shimmer shades & only 1 matte but they blend beautifully – just be sure to prime your eyelids before shadow application

The eyelid shade is very shiny & does not require a wet brush to achieve maximum sparkle!

Perfect for an everyday look – does not fade or crease

No fallout on the face or in the pan

Vibrant & will look great on women with brown eyes! Purple does wonders 🙂

Overall: I would recommend this for anyone – people of all ages! I am blown away by how beautiful the colors are, especially at this price point!

  1. Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray $4.99

Spray dispenses in a perfect mist – not too hard so it won’t ruin makeup

Dries very fast! Which is great

Smells like chemicals which I do not like – claims to have aloe vera but one would never guess with such a potent chemical smell

Overall: I wouldn’t recommend this. I love a setting spray that smells nice/has skincare benefits. Price point is great but you can buy Mario Badescu for a few dollars more

  1. MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in “Blossom Glow” and “Precious Metals” $4.99

Beautiful highlighters! They are super creamy & blend wonderfully on the skin

Pigment is bright but can be made even brighter with a little spritz of setting spray prior to application

Overall: I love these & am ordering every single color.

  1. Color Icon Lip Gloss in “Shut the Pluck Up” and “Fly Gal” $3.99 *

AMAZING – Fly Gal is the perfect nude gloss and Shut the Pluck Up (worn in video) appears to be a dark purple but actually has a beautiful sheer finish when applied to lips

Last a few hours & leave a stain-like finish once faded

Applicator is great to line lips with, as it is sturdy yet flexible enough to follow the natural contours of your lips

Formula contains vitamin E to keep lips hydrated & looking young

Overall: If there is one product you should but, it’s this one!! They are stunning, cheap & great for every day wear