8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick

There are so many ways to change the look of one lipstick… and yet, while I know this, I still can’t seem to stop buying a new lipstick every now and then (my collection is currently at 40-something…). But for those of you who aren’t interested in housing an excess of lipsticks or feel likeContinue reading “8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick”


Hey Finders! It’s a lip swatch videoooooo!!! While these are not new products, I have been loving them this summer so I figured I’d share 🙂 These lip glosses are so pigmented, it blows my mind!! Matte or gloss; they’re affordable, comfortable & a great addition to anyone’s collection. Which shade is your favorite? LMK inContinue reading “THE BEST DRUGSTORE LIP GLOSS”


Hey Finders! ⚡️ Welp! It wouldn’t be TRUE lip swatch video if everything went as planned… This lipstick-decluttering video went downhill fast as I quickly realized I am very much attached to roughly 99.9% of my collection… So! Here’s an in-depth rundown of my ENTIRE bullet lipstick collection; swatches, pros & cons, wear time, etc! What doContinue reading “MY LIPSTICK COLLECTION / FAILED ATTEMPT AT DECLUTTERING”


Hey Finders! ⚡️ Tired of your dry, crunchy liquid lipsticks?? 👄 Look no further! 🍒  These are my favorite affordable lip products at the moment. Spring is around the corner so I’m all about a juicy, plump, hydrating lip. Almost all are drugstore so feel free to go crazy because I absolutely love each & every one mentioned.Continue reading “MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS FOR JUICY LIPS”

Lip Tip #1: MAC Lipstick Formulas

Lipstick. My favorite beauty product of all beauty products! While lippies definitely hold a very special place in my heart, that one question remains; which formula reigns supreme? There are so many to choose from; traditional, matte, satin, stained, the list goes on & on, honestly. I love lipstick. So much so, that my collectionContinue reading “Lip Tip #1: MAC Lipstick Formulas”