8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick

There are so many ways to change the look of one lipstick… and yet, while I know this, I still can’t seem to stop buying a new lipstick every now and then (my collection is currently at 40-something…). But for those of you who aren’t interested in housing an excess of lipsticks or feel likeContinue reading “8 Ways to Wear 1 Lipstick”

Choosing the Perfect Foundation Shade

We’ve all been there!! You go to the store, a sales associate matches your foundation shade only for you to get home and realize it’s anything but a perfect match. You go online, buy 4 shades of the same foundation and wonder if you’ll be able to return the 3 that don’t work. With samplesContinue reading “Choosing the Perfect Foundation Shade”

The Most Hydrating Skincare

There is no cleanser out there that will quench your thirst, but there are such cleansers that will strip your skin of all possible moisture… leaving your skin tight & uncomfortable. I always say, a gel cleanser is your friend. They’re creamy, feel nice on the skin and only take off what they need, leavingContinue reading “The Most Hydrating Skincare”

2021 Makeup Trends

I’ve never been one to follow ‘beauty trends’. I always say that what might work for someone else, might not necessarily work for you. We all have different features, different face structures, which consequently are complimented by different makeup techniques. So when I saw this years trends pop up all over the spring runways, socialContinue reading “2021 Makeup Trends”

Project Pan 2021

I want to finish up a lot of my makeup this year. Life is always uncertain but it’s safe to say that life’s uncertainty was at the forefront of everyone’s mind in 2020. I was worried I’d lose my job, not be able to make a steady income with makeup gigs, etc., so I decidedContinue reading “Project Pan 2021”

Hide Dark Spots, Redness & Other Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be so frustrating, especially when it seemingly comes out of nowhere! Whether you have dark spots, dark circles, melasma, rosacea or any other kind of discoloration – here are all my tips & tricks on how to treat, prevent damage and hide what you have with makeup! Treat current pigmentation by using exfoliatingContinue reading “Hide Dark Spots, Redness & Other Pigmentation”

Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow

Applying cream and/or liquid eyeshadow may seem intimidating but I think it’s easier to use than your typical powder shadow! Here are my tips to applying: Oily lids? Use an eyeshadow primer & then set it with some translucent setting powder. This will help grip onto the liquid eyeshadow, making it difficult for it toContinue reading “Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow”

Smooth Foundation Application Tips

Why does my foundation look patchy?? A question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves at least once. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons why your foundation won’t lay down smooth.. fortunately for you, I have the many reasons why & how to solve them… Rule #1: Always be gentle with your skin Rule #2: Only applyContinue reading “Smooth Foundation Application Tips”

BEAUTY ROUND UP 💫 Reviewing my 2020 Purchases So Far

Welcome to my first ever beauty round up! I’m running you guys through all there is to know about the products I’ve introduced to you so far this year. The good, the bad & the ugly!! So hold tight because I’m not holding back 😉 Was this video helpful? LMK in the comments section below!Continue reading “BEAUTY ROUND UP 💫 Reviewing my 2020 Purchases So Far”

THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!! 😍 Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II Palette

I’m using Jaclyn Hill’s Volume II Palette to recreate one of Jaclyn’s campaign looks!! I am so happy with how this came out & I absolutely love this palette. Watch to hear why! What are your opinions of this palette? LMK in the comments section below! ⬇️ Please SUBSCRIBE! xo SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ♡ CONCEALER CONTEST ♡ *watchContinue reading “THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!! 😍 Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II Palette”