Applying Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow

How to Apply Cream & Liquid Eyeshadow | Fast Fix Friday

Applying cream and/or liquid eyeshadow may seem intimidating but I think it’s easier to use than your typical powder shadow!

Here are my tips to applying:

Oily lids? Use an eyeshadow primer & then set it with some translucent setting powder. This will help grip onto the liquid eyeshadow, making it difficult for it to move.

Use the same kind of eyeshadow shading or ‘mapping’ you’d use when applying powder eyeshadow: Transition shade that’s 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone, a darker shade for the outer corner to lift and accentuate the eyes & a lighter shade to brighten your inner corner and brow bone.

I typically use these three types of brush; a fluffy brush, a pencil brush and an angled brush. A typical crease/fluffy brush is the best at dispersing a liquid evenly across the lid and will give you a blown out affect (like blending out your crease with a powder). A pencil brush is great at pinpointing where you want a specific color and will keep it pretty tight (think the opposite of ‘blended’). An angled brush will do the same as the pencil brush but will keep the color even more compact, making this brush great to create a crisp line like a winged liner. I find synthetic brushes to work better than natural hair brushes. You can always use your fingers to blend as well!

Blend out the shades as soon as you apply them! Waiting too long will cause the liner to dry, making it impossible to blend or maneuver.

Product Links: Blending Brush / Pencil Brush / Angled Brush / Transition Shade / Liner Shade / Inner Corner Shade / Blue Gel Liner

That’s pretty much it babes!! It really is that easy. Please comment down below letting me know what you took away from this article and/or letting me know what makeup topic you’d like me to cover next!

xoxo, Fortune

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